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Medical Science. Personalised Care

Verita goes beyond wellness so you can live your life beyond limits. We achieve this by using the most advanced tools to identify genetic predispositions and internal imbalances before they develop into serious health concerns.

Break-downs are quickly corrected with personalized, scientifically-proven therapies that correct chemical imbalances, restore vital nutrients, heal injuries, cleanse harmful toxins and revive ageing cells.

Why Verita Health

Pioneering personalised, functional and restorative medicine since 2014, Verita has helped individuals fight physical degeneration and ageing with proven success. We combine the latest scientific research data with expertly-crafted, personalized combination therapies unique to your biology. These world-class programmes are complemented as you relax in five-star facilities.

Functional & restorative medicine experts
Comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing
Personalised treatments and therapies
Luxury accommodation in 5-star locations

Our Unique Approach to Health

Our comprehensive, scientifically-proven medical strategy is based on three fundamental pillars of health

  • Begin with an in-depth analysis of your genetic makeup and current state of health. Advanced diagnostic tools identify internal imbalances years before symptoms arise.
  • Medical experts carefully craft a preventive and therapeutic treatment plan unique to your biology.
  • Immersion programmes focus on specific health concerns during your multi-day stay at one of our luxury resort locations.
Cutting-edge health analysis
Reverse & Prevent
Personalized preventive and therapeutic health solutions
Health immersion programs for optimal health

Verita Services

Our world-renowned board of scientific medical experts have developed a range of treatments and programmes that are founded on proven scientific data and research. Our advanced protocols have provided effective health solutions in facilities world-wide.

Whether you desire to reverse ageing, promote immune health, or boost brain performance, our holistic therapies will correct internal imbalances, revive ageing cells, nourish, fortify and heal the body.


At Verita, we treat you, not your symptoms. Your path to a healthier life deserves the finest, most innovative medical care in lavish, peaceful surroundings without stress and worry impeding your ability to fully benefit from your personalised programme.
While your body receives the most advanced, scientifically-proven treatments and therapies, you enjoy the luxury and personal attention of a five-star resort for peace of mind.
This perfect pitstop offers IV nutrient and aesthetic treatments.
Verita Health
Scientifically-backed medical treatments