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Elements of Wellness

VIVID by Verita Health is at the cutting-edge of alternative therapies. Drawing on ancient wisdom and the latest in scientific knowledge, we present Mother Nature technologically enhanced to reset body and mind, with treatments including medical-grade oxygen and photoluminescence to increase energy levels and reset your circadian rhythm.

Available exclusively for IV patients as add-on treatments.


Light therapy began over a century ago in Denmark with ground-breaking research by doctor and scientist Niels Ryberg Finsen. He investigated the therapeutic and physiological benefits of artificial light sources earning him the 1903 Nobel Prize in Medicine. From there, scientists discovered how light affects our circadian rhythms, aka biological clock, which impacts physical and mental well-being. Light therapies are key to realigning the body’s function to its healthiest optimum state.

Benefit from the regenerating effects of the sun in a safe, controlled environment.

Light affects our circadian rhythm, influencing when we perform best and sleep. Reset your body clock, mood and sleeping patterns naturally.


Combat the effects of pollution, illness and stress with 90% medical-grade oxygen. An increase in blood oxygen levels jumpstarts your metabolism, increases energy levels, boosts brain power and promotes healing.

At VIVID, we also offer the option of aroma-infused oxygen, with feel-good chemicals such as lavender or eucalyptus to relax or refresh at the same time.