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Lab Tests

The Micronutrient Test

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy living. While organic, most vitamins are not produced by the body, and must be gained by a nutritious, balanced diet.
Minerals, meanwhile, are inorganic, and must be gained through diet and supplements alone.

Vitamins A through K, antioxidants, major minerals and trace elements regulate growth, development and metabolism, and as such are vital for staying healthy and young.

But with hectic schedules, we often eat an unbalanced diet without even realising. Deficiencies can lead to low energy levels, poor immunity, brain fog, signs of ageing and even serious illness.

At VIVID, we take a tiny amount of blood and test for important vitamins and minerals at our qualify-certified lab. A doctor will then present your results, along with recommendations for lifestyle and diet changes and ideal IV infusions to address your specific needs.

The Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

While some heavy metals are essential for health (zinc, iron), others (lead, mercury, arsenic) have a negative effect and can even be fatal at high levels. Yet heavy metals regularly enter the body through the contaminated air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat.

Even at lower levels, heavy metal toxicity can lead to headaches, nausea and pain. And as time progresses and levels in the body accumulate, heavy metals can even cause cancer, nervous system damage and developmental risks in utero.

A urine sample is screened at the VIVID lab for nine main heavy metals, as well as indicators of organ function. For those with high levels of toxicity, we recommend a course of EDTA chelation drips spread over a few weeks to completely detox the body.